Flooring installation


How to get a quality flooring installation

Many say the installation is as important as the product itself. At Al Barnes Carpets, we know both are equally important; it can be the best quality product, but if it's not installed correctly, you'll experience gaps, squeaks, rolls, bumps, broken tiles, and more. Our flooring installation service boasts some of the best contractors in the business. We consider ourselves a one-stop shopping source with everything under one roof. Here are some benefits of using our in-house installation team.

Excellent communication: Vital to a smooth installation

Being in-house, our flooring team gets to evaluate the product and spot any potential problems. Since we already have a close relationship with manufacturers and vendors, we can easily get needed replacements. All information about your particular installation requirements are passed on to our in-house installer, so it's a smooth transition all around.



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Knowing for sure who's responsible for what

Sometimes when the installer is a subcontractor, it gets a little complicated and more than a bit vague if there's any damage. Just the act of having to go through so many channels can be enough to make anyone give up. With our in-house installation teams, we are aware of any issues immediately and work directly with you through resolution.

Reputation is everything

In-house installers become the face of our company, whereas subcontractors jump from store to store. We are so confident about our products and our installations we offer a one-year limited warranty on installation. Let us install your flooring so you avoid potentially costly mistakes and get peace of mind. Flooring is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investments you'll make in your home. It's also a strong expression of your style. Protect that investment by using our professional installers who deliver high-end results. We understand the installation and can spot potential problems before they become needed repairs. We've been in business for over 30 years; most of our installers have been with us from the beginning. Whether the flooring installation service you are looking for is carpet, hardwood, tile, or luxury vinyl, we boast quality work. To learn more and get a free quote visit the Al Barnes Carpets showroom in Cape Carteret, NC. We serve customers in Cape Carteret, NC, Cape Carteret, NC, Emerald Isle, NC, Swansboro, NC, Newport, NC && Indian Beach, NC. Feel free to visit or call me when considering a flooring installation in Cape Carteret.